April, 2020
Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre wishes everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter

Dear Friends and Families,

In this time of crisis, our residents have found solace in the resolve and enduring commitment of our front-line medical staff. We have implemented the infection prevention guidelines set by local, state and national agencies, while emotionally supporting residents at a time of heightened anxiety and social distancing. We empathize with family members who are unable to visit their loved ones during this time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (such as masks, gowns and gloves) are in extremely short supply. This equipment is necessary to protect our residents and staff from the spread of this deadly virus. The amount of PPE necessary to service our community has increased three-fold, while the cost for such items has ballooned 180% on average. Further, disease prevention protocols and staff shortages have caused a dramatic spike in overtime. Despite these challenges, we continue to maintain top quality care for our residents and provide for the safety of our staff.

Every year, we are so grateful by the response from our gracious donors. Because this crisis has critically impacted our community with no end in sight, and since we have been forced to cancel our regular fundraising events, we are not only short of our fundraising goal, but are running a substantial deficit.

As we reflect on the journey of GARCC throughout the years, it has been a powerful and spiritual road and a tremendous blessing to many of our residents. Many of us have experienced the hands of God guide us through many challenging times. During this particularly difficult time, we remain hopeful, diligent in our faith and continuous in our prayers. Together, we will all emerge stronger than before.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and residents, we humbly request to be included in your Easter offering. As a non-profit organization with 70% of our resident population on Medicaid, we do not have the financial resources required to sustain operations for the unknown length of this pandemic without your generous financial support.

Please help us by downloading the donation card and return it in the reply envelope, along with a check made payable to the “Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre”. Or to make a donation on line, go to our Donate page, complete the form and under Designation, please select Easter Appeal. As a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, your generous donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We wish you Kali Anastasi, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Holidays!

With love and appreciation,
Eleni Bousis, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Peter G. Karahalios, J.D., President of the Board of Directors

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