Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre is saddened by the falling asleep in the Lord of Reverend Father Demetrius Treantafeles

January 6, 2022

On behalf of the Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre Board of Directors, staff, residents and their families, the Women’s Auxiliary and volunteers we extend our deepest sympathy to the Family and friends of the late, Reverend Demetrius N. Treantafeles.

Reverend Father Demetrius Treantafeles has been a part of the Chicago Metropolis clergy for over 55 years and a priest for nearly 70 years. He served as a Spiritual Father in various parishes throughout his priesthood life. Fr. Treantafeles was a very compassionate individual with integrity and love for humanity. His wisdom and guidance helped countless Christians overcome pain and suffering. His smile radiated and his grace inspired all who came in contact with him.

Fr. Treantafeles’ ministries were many, however, his favorite was the Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre. Here he felt most at home, as he shared many past experiences, obstacles and determinations of life together with the residents. Fr. Treantafeles cared for all our residents, employees, family members and volunteers as his children and family. Although hypothetically retired, he took his oath as a servant of God to the extreme. Following his daily routine, it was readily apparent that he was never in retirement mode. He spent much of his time teaching, writing, and ministering. He was always assisting and preparing Christians for an acceptance of life, repentance, forgiveness, love, giving, sharing, and life after death.

Fr. Treantafeles, known affectionately as “Fr. T” to many, found spiritual growth in being a daily Spiritual Father to the Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre. His ministry at the nursing home consisted of being available for the breakfast feeding of our residents, weekly Bible Study lectures, consoling individuals, hearing confessions and comforting individuals through their struggles and anxieties by giving spiritual guidance, moral and ethical support. On any given day, you would find Fr. T at the nursing home exchanging stories with the residents, laughing at their jokes or telling one of his own, exchanging gardening tips with employees, listening to family members, and giving his blessing to anyone that asked. He was not only our Spiritual Father, but he was also our dear and beloved friend.

The Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre will treasure Fr. T’s memory and all he did for the nursing home spiritually, emotionally, morally, and monetarily. He was a selfless individual whose drive motivated us all. Father Treantafeles was a loyal supporter of the nursing home and was always there to assist us through the difficult periods as well as the good ones. Fr. T will be greatly missed!

May the good Lord welcome Father Demetrius Treantafeles into
His everlasting Kingdom, and may his memory be forever eternal

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