Restaurant Dine-n-Donate

New Fundraising Program
May, 2022
May Dine-n-Donate Calendar of Restaurants
May Dine-n-Donate Participants

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are in our third month of a new fundraising campaign, and we are asking for your support.

Due to the Pandemic, our usual fundraisers were put on hold, and we realize that many supporters are still wary of attending large gatherings. Therefore, we are developing other ways that you can support our not-for-profit nursing home and become a“Guardian of GARCC”(Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre). We are very excited about our this fundraiser which we launched in March.

As the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, Pandemic conditions are improving and mandates are relaxed, we would like to invite you to join us in our first fundraiser of the year,“Restaurant Dine-n-Donate”.
We have reached out to many of our favorite restaurants and asked them for their continued support by offering a Greek American Nursing Home Dine-n-Donate day(s).

Your participation is easy: Every month we will have a calendar with a listing of restaurants and what day to visit them. When you dine in their restaurant on their designated day, please mention to your server that you are there as part of the Greek American Nursing Home Dine-n-Donate Program.That’s it! The restaurant will do the rest by donating a percentage of your meal receipt back to the nursing home.

By participating in this program, you help the restaurant, and you help your beloved nursing home as the funds donated to us will be used to help support our many programs and needs.

Each month we will be adding more restaurants and providing you a calendar with the names of the restaurants participating in this program for the month and their designated day(s).

We would like to thank the restaurants that helped us launch this program and are continuing their participation in April: Avli (all locations), Mykonos Greek Restaurant, Psisteria Greek Tarvena, Boston Fish Market, Jasper's Cafe, Georgie V's, Butterfield's, Northfield's Restaurant, Graziano's Brick Oven and Pizza, Elly's of Glenview, and Palm Court Restaurant

We welcome our additional restaurant that will be participating this month: Citrus Diner in Westomont.

This calendar is posted on our website and
Facebook page monthly.

For further information, please call our Business Development Office at 224-434-0509

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