Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In our continuing effort to keep you informed, I wanted to let you know that on 6-3-20 and 6-9-20 we conducted house wide Covid testing for our residents and staff. No residents tested positive for Covid 19; however, two employees tested positive on 6-3-20. No employees tested positive on 6-9-20.

As of today’s, date, we have 1 staff members and 5 residents that tested positive and in isolation/ quarantine. The GARCC residents and staff that are affected are currently stable and are mostly asymptomatic, fortunately the cases so far have been mild. Since March 1st we have had 3 hospice residents with Covid who expired. We found out posthumously that 2 of the hospice residents had tested positive for Covid. We will continue to closely monitor all our residents and staff for symptoms and will isolate and test promptly per CDC and IDPH guidelines. Maintaining strict isolation protocols, clinical management and safety measures is essential to mitigating the spread of Covid.

The health and wellbeing of our GARCC residents and staff remain our highest priority and rest assured we are diligent and will stay the course until we can all resume normalcy in our lives. My sincerest appreciation for your understanding and support during this time, as this situation is fluid and ongoing. Please visit our website www.greekamericancare.org for regular updates and as always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 847-459-8700 x 1017

Warm Regards,

Dino Varnavas

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