Memory Loss Care

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Memory loss care at Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre

At the Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Centre we know that it is not the one with memory loss illness that suffers the most… it’s the family. So in addition to giving personal attention to the individual resident, we also focus on the family.

In care giving, our staff places emphasis on those abilities that remain rather than on those which have been lost. Therefore, we respect the rights and dignity of those suffering memory loss.

We have designated an entire floor which is designed to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of these special residents. The staff is trained to provide support that enables maximum independence, socialization and increased self-esteem.

Add the vital ingredients of smiles, cheerfulness, encouragement and affection and you have a recipe for a very successful stay.

Our goals and the patient’s goals are the same. We strive to inspire and encourage each individual to rebuild and achieve their goal of maximum recovery. In many cases, the results are more than the patient — or the family — ever imagined possible.